Where is the micro gear flowmeter installed?

(1) The ambient temperature and humidity must comply with the regulations of the manufacturer. The general temperature is - 10 (- 15)~40 (50), and the humidity is 10%~90%.
(2) Direct sunlight in summer makes the temperature rise, close to the radiant heat. It can also increase the temperature, and sunshade or heat insulation measures should be taken in such places.
(3) Non resonant, water immersed instruments should avoid corrosive atmosphere or damp places. Because the reduction gear and other parts of Chishan Crane may be damaged due to corrosive gas and temperature difference between day and night. If it cannot be avoided, the inner chamber can be used to blow with clean air to maintain a small positive pressure.
(4) Avoid vibration and impact.
(5) There is enough space for installation and daily maintenance.
What is the instrument attitude, flow direction and pipe connection of micro gear flowmeter?
The installation position shall be horizontal so that the rotor shaft is parallel to the ground (except for the design of vertical structure rotor shaft). Other models shall be installed horizontally according to the user manual. It is vertically installed on the bypass pipe to prevent debris from falling onto the flowmeter from the pipe.
The actual flow direction must be consistent with the direction indicated by the instrument housing. Volumetric flow meters can only be measured in one direction. If necessary, check valves shall be installed downstream to prevent damage to the instrument. Micro gear flowmeter
Ensure that the flowmeter is not subject to pipeline expansion, contraction, deformation and vibration. Prevent improper vibration of valve and pipeline design, especially avoid resonance. Do not stress the instrument during installation. For example, the two flange planes of the upstream pipeline and the downstream pipeline are not parallel, the distance between the flange faces is too large, and the pipeline is concentric. Especially in the non separated measuring chamber, more attention should be paid to the flowmeter integrating the compression housing and the measuring chamber. Because the large installation stress leads to deformation, which affects the measurement accuracy, and movable measuring elements are embedded.
How can the micro gear flowmeter prevent heterogeneous fluid from entering the instrument?
The interval between the measuring chamber of the gear flowmeter and the movable inspection chamber is very small, and the particle impurities in the fluid affect the normal operation of the instrument, resulting in seizure or premature wear. A filter must be installed upstream of the instrument. And regular cleaning; When measuring gas, if necessary, consider installing protective equipment such as sediment or water absorber. The gas used to measure the liquid pipeline must be prevented from entering the pipeline system, and a gas separator must be set if necessary. Micro gear flowmeter
How can the micro gear flowmeter reduce the risk of pulsating flow, impact flow or overload flow?
Although there are some examples of successful use of the pump suction section, the instrument must be installed at the pump outlet. Pulsating and impinging flow will damage the flowmeter. The ideal oil source is centrifugal pump or high groove. If it is necessary to use reciprocating pumps or places where pipelines are prone to overload impact, hammer impact and other impact flows, buffer tanks, expansion chambers, safety valves and other protective equipment shall be installed. Overload and overspeed operation of flowmeter will cause irreversible danger! If the management system may have excessive overload flow, protection facilities such as restriction orifice, fixed flow valve or flow controller shall be installed downstream.
Micro gear flowmeter emulsification continuous flow installation?
Gear flowmeter has the disadvantage of pipeline blockage after measuring parts are damaged. Therefore, there must be parallel system redundancy of automatic switching equipment where continuous production or cutting is not allowed. In addition, the flow can adopt the common parallel working mode. When one fails, the other can still circulate.

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