Introduction to thermal flow switch?

With the rapid development of science and technology in the world, processing technology has become more and more familiar. Green manufacturing has been highly valued. The manufacturing of thermal flow switches has also been promoted to a new stage. What should we pay attention to in the use process?
The thermal flow switch is designed according to the principle that the probe temperature changes to produce differences. One thermal sensor and two thermal sensors are built into the probe and are in contact with the medium. When the thermal flow switch works, the thermal sensor will continuously emit heat. When there is no medium flow in the pipe, the heat received by the thermal sensor is a constant value. When the medium flows, the heat received by the thermal sensor will follow. When the flow of the medium changes, the thermal sensor converts the temperature difference signal into an electrical signal. When the flow reaches a certain set point, the thermal flow switch outputs the switch signal. The advantage of thermal flow switch is that it has no moving parts, can be opened and closed under very low flow, can withstand high pressure, and can be used for pipes with different nominal diameters. Some thermal flow switches also have the function of analog display of flow.
The thermal flow switch can be used to monitor the flow rate of fluid in the pipeline, monitor the interruption or prevent the pump from idling. Thermal flow switches are widely used in various industries that need to monitor the fluid flow in the pipeline or protect important equipment in case of fluid flow failure, such as protecting water pumps, monitoring lubricating oil circuits, refrigeration and heating circuits, monitoring pipeline rupture, monitoring leakage, etc. The thermal flow switch measures the temperature of the liquid to determine the change in flow. When the liquid flows through the end of the sensor, the temperature drop is proportional to the flow rate. When the flow change reaches the user set point, the switch status will change to display flow.
The thermal flow switch adopts a totally enclosed design, which is waterproof and moisture-proof, and has been specially treated at the probe, which solves the problem of probe corrosion and scaling of general flow switches in the environment with poor water quality. After the action point is set, the VHS thermal conductivity flow switch does not need to be adjusted frequently, nor does it need to be maintained frequently in actual use, which will not affect normal production. Thermal flow switch is a kind of flow switch with very wide applications, which can be widely used in petroleum, chemical and other industries Pipeline flow detection in electric power, water treatment, metallurgy, paper making, ship and boiler industries.
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