Automobile manufacturing


2022-12-07 18:26:10.498

The automotive industry always needs advanced technology. Coordinating the machining center system, transportation system and industrial robots can help automobile manufacturers achieve mass production at a better cost, while taking into account the requirements of personalized equipment. In the complex automobile manufacturing process, every step from stamping workshop, body in white, painting workshop, power assembly to final assembly must ensure reliable functions, and all equipment and facilities must have high availability


Provide innovative technologies and high-quality products for the automotive industry

Cartu provides a wide range of innovative high-quality sensors and systems for the automotive manufacturing industry. Among them, temperature, pressure, liquid level and flow sensors can reliably monitor the process medium; Safety grating, safety light curtain and fault proof inductive proximity switch can ensure the safety of equipment and operators in working spaces such as stamping workshop, robot workshop and assembly station; Inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and cylinder sensors can accurately detect equipment components; Vibration monitoring system can be used for plant wide condition maintenance strategy; RFID system, code reader and camera system can be used for material tracking and quality control.





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