Metallurgical industry


2022-12-07 18:30:20.365

The steel industry is one of the largest and important industries in the world. It has always been the main driving force for economic development. The products of this industry are essential in a wide range of fields such as metal processing, automobile manufacturing, mechanical engineering and construction industry. Only advanced, highly automated and reliable production lines can ensure the economic success of steel production.


Guarantee the quality and reliability of the steel industry

Cartu provides necessary automation technology for all fields involving steel processing operations (coking plant, sintering plant, blast furnace, converter, steel casting plant, steel rolling plant, etc.). The Cartu sensor has strong temperature resistance, strong shell, and excellent shock and vibration resistance. The sensor can monitor the flow and water temperature in the cooling system supply line to prevent the furnace from overheating. In hydraulic power unit, pressure, liquid level and temperature sensors can ensure reliable hydraulic oil supply. The infrared temperature sensor or distance sensor can detect the position of the hot steel plate remotely and safely. The vibration monitoring system can detect the damage of the machine and equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine for a long time.



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