Which industries need hot flow switches?

What are the types of flow switches?
I. Baffle type flow switch
Also known as mechanical flow switch, it is usually installed in the pipeline from the water pump outlet to the equipment outlet, allowing horizontal and vertical installation. The mechanical part and the electronic part of the baffle type flow switch are safely isolated, and do not contain corrugated pipes that are easy to cause failures. Moreover, the electrical components do not directly contact the metal components with large temperature differences, which can effectively avoid the corrosion caused by condensed water generated by electrical components, and its disconnection and reset flow is small. Baffle type flow switch can be widely used in industrial automation, mechanical equipment, air compression industry, refrigeration and air conditioning fields. Industrial occasions are mainly used in laser equipment cooling system, water-cooled welding machine, electric furnace, vacuum coating machine, polysilicon ingot casting furnace, etc.
Second, thermal flow switch
Also known as electronic flow switch, it is designed based on the principle of temperature change of detector head. It can be used to monitor the flow rate of the fluid in the pipeline, stop flow monitoring or prevent the pump from idling.
III. Differential pressure flow switch
The differential pressure switch is used for flow control. It has the characteristics of accurate flow control, no additional resistance to the water system, no requirements for the pipe diameter of the water pipe, no disturbance of water flow, etc. It can replace any form of target flow switch. Compared with the target flow switch, it can avoid false flow caused by cavitation of the water pump, and has accurate reset flow and disconnection flow. It can be widely used in large, medium and small air-cooled or water-cooled chillers using plate heat exchangers, casing heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers as water flow control and water pump and water filter status monitoring.
Precautions for installation of flow switch
First, the factory adjustment of the flow switch is near the minimum flow value, and it cannot be adjusted to a position lower than the factory setting during use, so as to prevent the switch from returning to the "no liquid flow" position.
Second, if you need to increase the flow value, you should turn the adjusting screw clockwise. If the flow value needs to be lowered after the factory setting value is raised, the adjusting screw can be rotated in the counterclockwise direction.
Third, after adjustment, check whether the setting value of the flow switch is not lower than the factory setting value. Press the main lever several times to check whether the switch makes a "click" sound when the main lever returns. If not, turn the adjusting screw clockwise until the lever returns with a "click" sound.
Fourth, the set screw of the sealing paint cannot be adjusted. Otherwise, once the change occurs, the control of the flow switch will be damaged or the regulation will become invalid and cannot work.
Fifth, if the flow adjustment is too high, the flow vane cannot be driven at low flow, and the switch cannot act. If the flow regulation is too low, the switch will be too sensitive to cause malfunction.

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