Principle, advantages and common problems analysis of micro gear flowmeter

Micro flowmeter is a flowmeter based on volumetric principle, also known as positive displacement flowmeter, which is especially suitable for measuring trace liquid. It has the accuracy of *, especially in the case of high temperature and high pressure. The pulse is integrated in the flowmeter cavity, and the accuracy can still be above 1% FS under the condition of continuous operation for a long time. Due to the exquisite structural design, the liquid will not precipitate, so the flowmeter is always clean. Guangzhou Dichuan Instrument, founded in 2011, is specialized in the R&D and production of high-quality and high-precision volumetric flowmeters. The production line strictly implements ISO9001 standards and uses independently developed technologies to produce: volumetric flowmeters, oval gear flowmeters, micro flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters, GPS electronic locks and other products.
The micro flowmeter enjoys a good reputation in the domestic and international markets, and can meet the needs of most markets, including water, oil, food, lubricating oil, chemistry, cosmetics, ink, pharmacy, paint, petroleum, automobile, glue, polyurethane, electrolyte and additives.
The micro flowmeter is a volumetric flowmeter, which is composed of the inner wall of the static chamber and one or several elements rotated by fluid flow. The leakage between the rotating element and the inner wall is negligible when compared with the flow rate within the selected operating range. The rotation of the element is transmitted to the indicating device by mechanical means or other methods to display and record the volume flow of the fluid flowing.
What is the reason why the indicated value of the measured value of the micro flowmeter is less than the actual value, and how to solve it?
1. The flow exceeds the specified range.
2. The medium viscosity is too small.
3. Rotor and other rotating parts are inflexible
Treatment measures:
1. Operate the flow within the specified range or change the flowmeter specification.
2. Recalibrate and replace the adjusting gear to correct it.
3. Check the rotor, bearing, drive gear, etc., and replace worn parts.

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