How much do you know about pressure switches?

What are the classifications of pressure switches? There are many types of pressure switches
Classification of pressure switches
The first one introduces the lower flameproof pressure switch, which can be divided into explosion-proof and flameproof ones. The application level range is ExdIICT1-T6. Imported flameproof pressure switches must pass UL, CSA, CE and other international certification. It can be used in explosive area and strong corrosive atmosphere. Explosion proof pressure switch can provide different pressure, differential pressure, vacuum and temperature range products. Common application scope includes electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, boiler, food machinery, environmental protection equipment and other industries.
The second kind of mechanical pressure switch is the micro switch action caused by pure mechanical deformation. When the pressure increases, different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, bellows, piston) will deform and move upward. Through mechanical structures such as railing spring, the top microswitch will be finally started to output electrical signals. The setting mode of pressure switch is divided into continuous displacement type and force balance type from the functional principle.
The third type of electronic pressure switch is also called intelligent pressure switch. Digital pressure switch can be used to replace mechanical pressure switch and used in systems with high requirements for industrial control. This pressure switch is equipped with a built-in high-precision pressure sensor. The pressure signal is amplified by a high-precision instrument amplifier, and the data is collected and processed by a high-speed MCU. Generally, 4-bit LED is used to display the pressure in real time. The relay signal is output. The upper and lower limit control points can be set freely, with small delay, anti vibration, fast response, stability and reliability, and high accuracy (the accuracy is generally ± 0.5% F.S, and the accuracy is up to ± 0.2% F.S when it is high), The use of return difference setting can effectively protect the repeated actions caused by pressure fluctuations, and protect the control equipment. It is a high-precision equipment to detect pressure and liquid level signals and realize pressure and liquid level monitoring and control.

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